House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar

House of Refuge at Gilbert's Bar

Check out some of these cool pictures I took of the House of Refuge!

From Wikipedia:

“The House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar, also known as Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge, the House of Refuge Museum, or simply the House of Refuge, is an historic building located at 301 S.E. MacArthur Boulevard, on Hutchinson Island east of Stuart, Florida. It is the oldest surviving building in Martin County.

This House of Refuge is the last remaining of nearly a dozen shipwreck life-saving stations on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Built in 1876 to help stranded sailors, its long colorful history spans nearly 70 years. Today it is owned by the Martin County government and leased to the Martin County Historical Society, which operates it as a museum exhibiting life-saving equipment used over the years and showcasing the keeper’s quarters, c. 1904. On May 3, 1974, the House of Refuge was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.”

House of Refuge - Hutchinson Island, Florida

Hutchinson Island in Stuart, Florida

House of Refuge

House of Refuge in Stuart, Florida

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